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SouthEats mission is to radically shift the way we think about food and ownership East of the River in Washington, DC by improving access to healthy, affordable prepared meals and introducing shared ownership into the local food ecosystem.


Why this, Why Now? 

  • For years residents in DC and PG have not had equitable access to healthy and convent food potions

  • Provide option that Values

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has increased this issue

  •  Save time,... 

How it works 

1. You subscribe and select meals from our weekly curated menu

5. You cook prepped meals in oven or as desired and enjoy!

2. We source ingredients from local farmers and producers 

4. We bring 3 family-size meals to you each week

3. We prep, season, and package fresh meals 

Start receiving your meals now! 

We are currently running a 6-week pilot with the goal of growing at the pace of trust with the community. Our pilot is testing out the feasibility of our business model. We are providing meals for 10 families that live in wards 7&8, with the goal of getting direct feed back from the communities we want to serve and grow with. In addition to the community relationship building we are testing out the framework for local food sourcing farmers and food hubs. 

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